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tv   Headline News  RT  August 17, 2014 2:00am-2:29am EDT

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today's top stories view of the week. humanitarian. aid. three hundred trucks with goods for struggling civilians have been stuck at the border for days now. let's go to live pictures for you right here as police have fired tear gas in ferguson as people are defying a curfew imposed following protests all of this of course over the police killing of a. brutal crackdown by security forces on mostly peaceful protesters again those are live pictures right there. misery. for us of course more weapons into the iraqi conflict supporting the plight of the kurdish fighters against islamic
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militants here on the network we look at exactly what it is that washington is trying to achieve. welcome to the weekly international we're highlighting the headlines of the past week today i'm live in moscow. after days of uncertainty ukraine has finally accepted that a russian convoy waiting at its border is indeed carrying humanitarian aid almost three hundred trucks loaded with tons of food medical supplies water and power generators all does destined for the eastern regions and that's where the people are in desperate need of basic essentials was very reluctant to let the convoy into his territory saying it could be used to smuggle weapons. hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid from russia destined for war torn eastern ukraine has you can see
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behind me are currently packed and ready to be delivered but it has been stuck here at the russian ukrainian border for more than three days already unable to cross while the red cross officials say it may take up to another week for four and more knitters to check the cargo meanwhile russia has warned that those deliberately preventing the convoy from entering ukraine will be responsible for humanitarian catastrophe and we can tell you that the situation on the ground is indeed a very dramatic this week we were able to several times cross into ukraine and go to lugansk one of the major epicenters of what key of course is and to tear open ration and one of the most shouted cities in the area and we saw a very sad picture on the ground key of course these large scale and terribly ration. well empty government funders in the east sea they're trying to liberate the region from occupiers yet it's civilians who are paying the highest price they
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describe what's happening on the ground and in their backyards as senseless violence. the city of the guns one of the biggest in the crane's east lies in ruins and is almost empty but a to refine never stops while the shelling of the city continue not only residential areas are being targeted just yesterday a shell landed right here in the middle of these graves at one of the city's main symmetries cauchon the road not of the your side of the border in this way more law where you're more. stoke on your balcony i was in the bill you look. at me over the. superdome the trademark i mean the trees disappeared over you. dimitri and his family were caught in the sporadic fire when they tried to get water from a wild stream outside to see. my this national poll change the
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hoodlum on budgeted street in new york is bogus video you can hear track of it was political will do is connecticut of course follow for you pretty this is from the school committee for a story but it was all wrong the mark of globalization all of the drama has been a pretty sure we'll all be sure to join up and safety is not the only thing missing and. that all those we spoke to here told us they are a need of practically everything humanitarian aid provided by city authorities is not easy to get. there is the yellow witch of the girl through study doesn't obviously when you get there are virtually the little searching the left it should continue in years or bill even though a lot of your skin there is certainly there is that the electorate is stucco which lets you do shoot yourself in table most cape doesn't like your poor children no dollar will get us to use a brainless quarter for much of their new home i should be approaching late you'll deserve to see us get this handwritten eighties konkona tree in one of the most
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shelled districts of lugansk invites anyone who wants to flee the city to come to dislike native place on any given day yet those who haven't got out yet don't seem in any rush to pack their bags and escape yet know that there was no we had pneumonia but then at the last it was under the water but there are those who want to get out but can't. give you what you want then you do i don't miss the leadership i did get the job but if you ever did i wanted to go to a couple of hours after we crossed the border back into russia we heard that violent clashes have erupted all along the road we drove alone and those who just spoke to in the ganske now find themselves trapped in the encircled city. nation. in eastern ukraine. in the meantime radicals from the ultra nationalist right sector group of threatened to unleash their full force song of this according
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to a statement published on the group's website it says unless president poroshenko meets their demands within the next forty eight hours they withdraw their forces fighting on the eastern front and march to kiev in full battle gear for the group is demanding the release of its members arrested by police on various occasions as well as the discharge of officials they consider sympathetic to the anti government forces in the east and the right sector consists of several nationalist extremist groups it first emerged during antigovernment. in the capital when they clashed with police seized the government buildings and torched cars around the city and later they formed several special units which are now fight local militias in the east. and this week you crane accused moscow of violating its border claiming a military unit crossed the frontier which russia has dismissed as nonsense ukrainian president also said all of the vehicles were destroyed although no evidence has been provided two days after the claims however social networks and
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several newspapers very quickly called it a russian invasion started went to moscow based correspondents for u.k. newspapers posted on twitter they saw a column of armored vehicles with the russian plates crossing the border it backed up their statements by enclosing a number of photos in an identifiable locations of the un us and even european observers who are in that area all of them saying they can't confirm any of the allegations political analyst chris bambery says if indeed a russian invasion would have happened it would look nothing like this suddenly we have these creams the russian invasion of ukraine if the russians were going to invade ukraine would they just send in some armored personnel carriers whitely armored vehicles and the answer is no if you are going to invade a wall zordon that their opponents already have aircraft and artillery you would of course use heavy armor infantry airplanes and there are told the russians on
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amateurs they know this so it's highly unlikely in any military idea that you would just send in some lightly armored armored personnel carriers into ukraine it will miss the suicide mission so i think the whole thing is rather bizarre. now spain has become the latest country to join a global plead to release a missing russian photo journalist thirty three year old. disappeared in eastern ukraine almost two weeks ago since then kiev has been going back and forth confirming then they were denying actually having him in the first place so russia the u.n. and international human rights groups have been calling for his immediate release the international has stressed that journalists should not be restricted in their work a free andrew hash tag is trending on social networks to help his plight a. journalist who's been covering conflicts in ukraine syria and israel you can
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check out some of his photos from the world. we're also posting any updates on his whereabouts. now let's get back to breaking news this hour live pictures for you here on our team international police have fired tear gas at protesters in the u.s. town of ferguson in missouri where riots were sparked when an officer shot dead an unarmed black teen a curfew was imposed off the looting of the on saturday and ongoing protests people outraged over police using well military style tactics to crackdown on the peaceful protests again these are live pictures you're looking at right here out of ferguson in the u.s. state of missouri but ultimately what started as a local protest boiled over into a spate of nationwide rallies spreading to some ninety cities across america from washington to los angeles demonstrators all over the country demanding their security forces be held to account for their actions. is there in ferguson she was
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witnessing a public outrage. that i should a community filled with rage sorrow and grief is demanding justice for august in missouri is a small town with twenty thousand residents. many of them took to the streets after a black unarmed teenager was shot dead by a police officer i think it's a loss that's shaken the community to its core there is no reason it a young man should have been murdered in cold blood thousands have protested only. the right guy writing and looting has also broken out which most residents criticize but tolerate no by saddam hussein is the right thing to do but at same time there was afraid i would have made headline news the police have hit back and hard. to. believe the militarized police force has resorted to
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firing rubber bullets and other heavy handed tactics to quell the unrest there are were a bit more we were being taken a as they got sort of points away where they were shooting them into the complex. and we were in the streets so why you shouldn't and so the complex this key is the excessive use of force by police has riled up protesters even more and triggered strong criticism it defies everything. my fellow marines and i fought for when we were defending the constitution in iraq and afghanistan the forceful response was followed by curbs put on civilian freedom spokeo like a flight ban over ferguson was imposed by the federal aviation administration on tuesday that was followed by a state of emergency and curfew on saturday as officials struggled to figure out how to handle the situation the identity of the officer responsible for the killing a white twenty eight year old darren wilson was kept under arrest or on the day of his death the local community reacted with anger they released a name this video. michael brown at the same time
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a kind of deflect the fact that he was murdered but this kind of what it feels like they were trying to do the video justified in shooting nine times. the teen death here in ferguson has sparked broad motion but for locals it's just the most recent injustice they've suffered they say the african-american community has been targeted by the police force for years if not decades and not just here but all across the country understand and recognize that we're dealing with apartheid in america it's not just what happened to mike brown it's happening to all of our children this is systematic racism still allowed and destroying us and while these people hope for a fair punishment for the officer behind brown's death real social change is what they want in the long run it's got a good work junk as to what that looks like a distant goal as people here work out how to come to terms with their anger and
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their grief is this it you're going to party ferguson missouri. plated military vehicles the ones roam the sons of iraq and policemen armed to the teeth or. rallies and focus on the pitch is just causing a storm on the social media outlets online users mocking a local police comparing them to fully equipped soldiers in military zones i have a look at this picture from one of the rallies it doesn't take an expert to tell this officer is loaded with combat gear let's look more closely at what he's actually hit out with for example his head care includes a military hell that tactical goggles weapon of choice possibly a grenade old to gas launcher with a high tech advance on his way set asides to big fighting. political columnist ted rall says the police are an awful long way off from the motto to serve and protect it's not the first time this is happened you know this is a situation that repeats itself in all sorts of african-american communities across
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the united states that are policed as though they were occupied territory by highly militarized i would say u.s. troops but local police who are equipped as though they were occupying afghanistan or iraq so. there is no connection whatsoever but just hostility between the communities that are being policed and the police that are supposed to be serving them that's the big issue that's the big problem is that i don't see how the president in his investigation over this one incident would be able to make much headway there. by let's bring you back in these live pictures for you right now on r.t. international these are coming straight from in missouri here the curfew has been put in place people are being told to stay indoors the governor announcing a state of emergency though still lots of people out on the streets and of course the police maintaining a heavy presence there now the shooting of michael brown is not only spot public outrage but also highlighted a sad trend of increasing police brutality in the country in july this year and ask
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the magic man died after an officer put him in a choke hold even though the victim or painfully was saying that he had difficulty breathing. also this month a mentally ill man was gunned down by police during a stand at stop and such and one of the most distressing incidents took place in georgia in may when this baby was severely injured by a stun grenade during a police raid after which the officer said sorry we got the wrong house. often the international take a look at the fallout of modern day trade wars is the e.u. is pushing for yet more sanctions on russia. says the media leave us so we leave that maybe. by the same motions your. party is in full. shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers
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from. politics only. it was very interesting because what dropped out of the sky in the rohrbach up level would shift across a few degrees. to a circle and the speed but you know just astronomical speeders. i. i. it's out international thank you for
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joining us the european union is threatening even more sanctions against russia as it puts the blame for the violence in ukraine squarely on the kremlin and even urged the other countries outside the e.u. to stop cooperating with moscow however even inside europe the unity of a punitive measures certainly appears to be fraying slovakia's prime minister criticized them as a meaningless gesture that would threaten economic growth in e.u. member states austria's agriculture minister confirmed the industry there is expected to lose at least six million dollars so far as a result of russia's retaliates or a food ban and the czech leader claimed the restrictions themselves are ineffective and could only lead to a spiral of worsening relations that chief nothing r.t.d. got pissed off now looking at the squabble and its possible consequences for the past few months we've definitely been witnessing a rising tensions between russia and the west but what's happening now is already
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being described by many as a full blown trade war first in late july the e.u. slapped russia i would say start getting whole sectors of its economy four major banks were hit and one airline was completely grounded but then russia announced counter measures banning the import of billions of euros worth of fruit vegetables meat dairy and other products european producers are the worst hit and brussels has to compensate the losses the problem is the size of its emergency fund is around four hundred million euros while the estimated damage may reach five billion when you know we are going to lose one point three million euros but we're relatively small business imagine the other big firms such as like to lease which send several trucks a week or so of those is going to. it will take two or three months to collect our remaining crop and we don't know what will happen if no one buys it. now we're in
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a bad economic situation more than two hundred families have been destroyed we will have damage in excess of eight hundred fifty thousand your rules if nothing is changed we are in a desperate situation and next to russia starts negotiations with latin america specifically ecuador brazil chile and argentina to meet the new eight percent shortfall in imports according to the financial times the e.u. me start trying to talk some of the states out of upping trade with russia perhaps promising to open its market to their products but here is the ecuadorian embassador to russia's thoughts on this i think the current situation creates great opportunities for ecuador but it would have been unwise to pass up such a chance to diversify and expand our trading capabilities especially having received an offer to become a privileged partner with russia. some business analysts in the west have now started wondering how wise was it to start playing this game of tit for tat sanctions the sanctions will they really work and we don't think they will and we've all been working in the russian market probably now for the last twenty years
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and times have always been difficult to do russian business in russia but i don't think the sanctions will really help and we just wanted to sort of voice that could well be job losses coming along we heard that j.c. big bamford reported that he potentially could lose. orders as a result of the sanctions and as a result of that would lose jobs over here watching this economic battle swing back and forth like a pendulum one is reminded of newton's famous law every action has an equal and opposite reaction which a school be the last to retaliate is very hard to predict right now. however despite the current disappointment with the west russia should not fence itself in or sever itself from its partners about the message from president putin during a visit to crimea for a meeting of the country's political elite in his speech that he outlined the future course of russia's foreign policy you noted that moscow reserves the right
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to pull out of international treaties if doing so is interest. also called on russian society to unite all the added that should not be done for conflicts sake. are well you can find out more about vladimir putin's visit to crimea just head over to. also there right now british schools unveiled islamic hit jobs are soon to be found on the shelves of a retailer they used to be sold as part of the school uniform. that lethal bird flu has been taken out of the u.s. in the laboratory of the mixed lethal strain was then administered to chickens as part of a u.s. department of agriculture experiment in which all of the chickens ended up dying full story. to iraq where kurdish fighters have launched an offensive to retake the country's largest dam from jihad the islamic state group and the u.s.
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has backed the operation sending in warplanes to provide support and has washington along with the e.u. has decided to send to the kurdish forces. reports. the militants of the islamic state have been seizing control of vast swathes of iraq for months now it when they approached its kurdish region the u.s. took action this is a humanitarian issue of great consequence for all the militants threaten not just the people of the kurdish region but also its oil production since the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three iraq's kurdistan has seen. booming energy production us energy giants exxon mobil and chevron are among the many oil and gas firms large and small now drilling there seems that. american oil companies operating in the kurdish region in the north of iraq had some weight.
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it was one of the main considerations that the obama administration. took so why is thinking about the engagement of turkey in iraq this month to say my autonomy as region has shown to be friendly to us into u.s. business but the oil rich kurdistan has long sought to break away from iraq it has now moved to sell crude independently from bogged down arguing that the central government doesn't give the region its fair share of oil revenue and leave the onslaught of the islamic state in the political turmoil in baghdad many kurds see an opportunity to finally carve out a homeland by exclusively supporting the kurdish region washington may fuel their cause but the kurdish region is functional the way we would like to see it and it is tolerant of other sects and other religion in a way that you would like to see elsewhere so we do think that it's important to make sure that that space is protected the obama administration likes the way
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kurdistan functions but doesn't like the way iraq as a whole functions the obama administration denies that it gave up on the central government in baghdad moving to directly protect u.s. interests with humanitarian situation so dire and the threat posed by the islamic state so imminent america's increased involvement may not have much opposition now even if the eventual outcome will be the breakup of iraq in washington i'm going to check on our team. or less about to our breaking news for you here on r.t. international and straight back to live pictures right here from ferguson missouri the u.s. it's now one twenty five in the morning heavy rain but still a very. heavy police presence as well we were seeing pictures of many crowds outside despite the curfew put in place the police have been firing tear gas the latest reports but i know the latest pictures for you here as well of rubber bullets being used in the us to. protest rally the security forces move against the crowd softer a few was broken have been imposed following nights of riots often officers shot
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dead an unarmed black teen last saturday people have been outraged at both the killing but also the military style tactics being used to crack down on the peaceful protests again those are the latest pictures right here from ferguson's misery. no preparations on his side ten twenty five here in the russian capital thanks for joining us up next on our international focus on a boycott looking at what nato's eastwood's expansion to sweden might now mean for the current standoff between russia and the west. in december two thousand and ten. more likely to be raped in college and in the real world. i don't think. there when they knew each other i thought it was a stranger in the bushes. complaining about the son of an alumni. gives millions of
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dollars to the school why listen to somebody who's going to lose money at the school of schools that make money based decisions are much more common than they would ever admit publicly. just soldiers this snow soldiers russia's internal special forces but being tough and good with a gun may not be enough for these extreme terrorists. eugenics
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but eugenics vulgarize ation of darwin science punishment for an on committed crime i was never really strong enough to believe in a chief you believe still today that if you like i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing and now go to the point of death. for years rarely discussed. till now really rather not talk about that right. hello and welcome to worlds apart of the current standoff between russia and the
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west has many nuances but ultimately one core reason at least as far as moscow is concerned and this is the mater's east where the expansion is sweden rather than ukraine the next country to join nato and what it means for european security well to discuss that i'm now joined by swedish journalist and peace researcher yon old bird mr over thank you very much for being on the show it's my pleasure i'm not a journalist i would like to say it's my pleasure and you know well i've seen quite a number of your articles that's why i called you're a journalist in fact one of your recent articles that you wrote not so long ago was entitled sweden's that leads more loyal to nato down to their people and that's a pretty controversial statement what makes you say that well first of all the foundation that i'm the director of is an independent foundation that means we can say what we want we're not dependent on state money and we're not dependent on corporate money and that means that we have we're doing free research and. my point
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is that the last twenty is also basically since all of palmar died and since the e.u. membership of sweden sweden has stopped having an independent foreign policy we have come very close to nato without a formal. membership application yet this has happened basically without any public discussion there's not a wish to have a public discussion which was already chilly sweden's basic policy that everything we did in terms of common security neutrality disarmament and all that was something that was anchored in a public discussion and the sweets would know what their country were standing for so i think this loyalty among elites is a problem because we need a public discussion a much more intensive discussion about whether to join nato or not and how we get sweden to come tribute again to disarmament including nuclear evolution.


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